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Organizing Paper Cards

When I started teaching the Montessori way the piles of ‘in-progress’ materials started to pile everywhere in the house. As you can imagine, I started to get stressed and feel overwhelmed because I couldn’t find the next planned lesson when needed. So, I decided to organize myself! After a few methods of “organized piles” next to each other I ‘stump’ upon the idea of putting nomenclature cards in ziplock bags. Yes, small cheap ziplock bags that were then stapled into manila folders and alphabetized by subject.

Ziplock bags + manila folders + cheap crate = organization

As soon as I print a lesson, I create a folder and place the document in there. Then, the folder goes into the crate. Since I am not always able to laminate, cut, and prepare a material this method allows me to work in short periods of time. What is your method for organizing nomenclature cards?

Published by Reizelie Barreto, PhD

Reizelie is a former homeschool parent and a trained science and Montessori teacher with a passion for curriculum development. She loves learning and teaching and on her spare time she helps families create home environments that enrich a child's learning. Reizelie has a PhD in science education and has been working in the field of education for the last 19 years. She loves helping teachers, schools, and homeschooling families improve their science curriculum in ways that are authentic to scientists' work.

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