Homeschool Classroom Organization

Space is always a challenge, we always need MORE! I feel like I am always “fighting” to squeeze more materials into our little classroom (a.k.a. formal living room) or making them more appealing to my girls. In fact, it is a real struggle for me to have materials accessible to my children so they can be independent yet there is a limitation for not having to go to storage to find a frequently used materials.

For example, one of the building blocks of Montessori education is that the child has access to the material at all times. That way the child can revisit the material/lesson as many times as she/he desires. Truth is that I don’t have enough space for this, so I keep the foundational materials in English grammar and math and rotate for cultural studies, science, and sensorial activities. Finally, our library is in our dining room, I know, don’t say it!

How do YOU organize your homeschooling classroom space? Here are a few pictures of our classroom shelves.


Reizelie is a parent and a Ph.D. mom trained in science education with a passion for all things STEM. She loves learning and teaching and on her spare time she helps families create home environments that foster learning. Reizelie is committed to a healthy lifestyle and shares ideas on education, cooking, urban homesteading, and fitness.

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