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Our Montessori Environment

A beautiful, organized, and well presented learning environment is critical in the Montessori environment. In any teaching environment, as a fact. However, homeschooling often presents many challenges to the beautiful pictures one is quick to find over the internet. First, we are often limited in the space we can devote to homeschooling. Secondly, children often gravitate to other areas in the house to do their work.

In order to “solve” this problem I have become intentional in what is displayed on the shelves and what topics we investigate at once. That is, I remind myself that I prefer children to investigate in-depth versus breadth. I have two math shelves: one in the dining room and one in the living room. You can tell I make use of every corner of my little house.

montessori math

Published by Reizelie Barreto, PhD

Reizelie is a former homeschool parent and a trained science and Montessori teacher with a passion for curriculum development. She loves learning and teaching and on her spare time she helps families create home environments that enrich a child's learning. Reizelie has a PhD in science education and has been working in the field of education for the last 19 years. She loves helping teachers, schools, and homeschooling families improve their science curriculum in ways that are authentic to scientists' work.

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