Advanced Evolution Work

My oldest child is very interested in the concept of evolution. Specifically, how animals (humans included) have changed over time to adapt to climatic changes. So far, she has used the traditional Montessori chart and has dived deep (through books) in the world of cheetahs and elephants.

Because the Montessori key chart was not enough, I did an extensive search and vetted many books to offer her. This is what I found.

Vetted Books

All of these books are great resources for explaining the concept of evolution. They do a great job keeping the term evolution grounded in concrete ideas and how it has helped us move forward as a society. The books are full of beautiful pictures and the content is accurate and age appropriate. You can get these books here.

However, I wanted to provide my child a knowledge extension that was Montessori-aligned while going deeper, the chillaxscience way. This is what I came up with! Task Cards

Hominids Task Cards

You can get these Hominids Task Cards for your classroom too. Laminate them, cut them, and place them on your shelf.

Let me know how you like them!

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