All About Dissections

All About Dissections, is week-long class and a children’s favorite! In a group setting, over password protected Zoom platform, we spend one hour a day dissecting four different specimens. We then conclude the week by using all the evidence collected through dissections and make a “big” scientific claim that helps us answer our focus question.

In this class, your child will learn about the classification of living things, the difference between invertebrate and vertebrate organisms, and how animals’ external and internal structures help them meet some fundamental needs.

Class Overview

Day One: Classification of living things and dissection of an annelid.

Day Two: Dissection of a crustacean

Day Three: Dissection of an insect

Day Four: Dissection of an amphibian

Day Five: Wrap-up with “big” scientific claims

Class Logistics

When: January 11-14th, 2021

Time: 4:30:-5:30pm US-EDT

Where: Zoom platform

Class size: 5-10 children (Minimum of 5 families for the class to take place-otherwise will be cancelled)

Price: $30.00/family

Registration Deadline: January 4th, 2021


Class Registration
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