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The Story of the Earth

Introduction to the Geological Evolution of Planet Earth Over the years, I have noticed that children go deeper in science when it is interwoven with history and math. With this in mind, I took the story presented in the book “Children of the Universe: Cosmic Education in the Montessori Elementary Classroom” by Michael and d’NeilContinue reading “The Story of the Earth”

Our Montessori Environment

A beautiful, organized, and well presented learning environment is critical in the Montessori environment. In any teaching environment, as a fact. However, homeschooling often presents many challenges to the beautiful pictures one is quick to find over the internet. First, we are often limited in the space we can devote to homeschooling. Secondly, children oftenContinue reading “Our Montessori Environment”

Organizing Paper Cards

When I started teaching the Montessori way the piles of ‘in-progress’ materials started to pile everywhere in the house. As you can imagine, I started to get stressed and feel overwhelmed because I couldn’t find the next planned lesson when needed. So, I decided to organize myself! After a few methods of “organized piles” nextContinue reading “Organizing Paper Cards”