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Lesson Plans

In this section, you will find lesson plans for various science subjects. The intention of these lesson plans is to provide families and teachers a written plan on how to guide children to investigate a scientific phenomena. Often, but not always, the lesson plans include students’ instructions, worksheets, and analysis questions. Hope our resources are helpful to you!

Cooking & Science

Cooking presents a great opportunity for children to learn about food science. In this section, we share with you resources to explore cooking and food science with your family.

Biology Resources

This section of our resources is devoted to teaching materials related to the field of biology.

Teaching Evolution

Evolutionary science grounds the study of all living things. In this section you will find resources, links, and ideas to help children accurately learn about evolution.

Curricular Resources

In this section you will find suggestions on what teach in each grade level.


Quick Reference Sheets

In this section, we share templates, worksheets, links, and other resources that may assist families and teachers guide children’s learning.

Moon Phases Tracker

Language Arts Connections

Reading and writing are key elements for the understanding and dissemination of science. In this section, we share resources families and teachers can use to foster scientific writing.

External Resources

Many public, non-profit foundations and institutions provide science education materials at no cost. At Chillax Science, we encourage you to check out these resources that we have carefully vetted for you.

Interactive Computer simulations

Citizen Science Initiatives

NASA Home Resources

National Geographic Family Resources