How to Create a STEM Corner at Home

These days, entertaining children at home can be a daunting and exhausting task for parents. But inspiring and inviting children to STEM’ing can be easily accomplished with a simple change at home. Here is a suggestion on how to accomplish that, frugally! First Find an area of the house that is empty, accessible, and itContinue reading “How to Create a STEM Corner at Home”

Kinetic Energy

The concepts of potential and kinetic energy are two well studied concepts in physics. Children, often learn about them in elementary school grades. However, transforming these abstract concepts into concrete ideas can be challenging. So, I thought I would take an engineering activity that children love to do and combine it with science. I amContinue reading “Kinetic Energy”

Engineering Teaching Resources

My girls love doing engineering challenges and activities. Perhaps your child(ren) love it too. So, I am creating a Chillax Science blog post just for my favorite online resources. Here are my top right now! American Association for Engineering Education The AAEE has a plethora of resources for teachers and students. You will find onContinue reading “Engineering Teaching Resources”